Single Session Health Assessment

1 hr  |  $150.00


Are you looking to make changes in your diet/lifestyle but are not sure where to begin?

Would you like to have a confidential discussion with a trained and compassionate professional about what is actually happening with your body?

Do you want help but you’re not really sure how to make that happen?

If these questions resonate with you, this consultation is a perfect way to start. We will have an open, non-judgmental conversation about where you are and where you want to be. Our conversation is designed to provide you with inspiration and meaningful next steps to take to get started on your journey and build momentum.

1:1 Coaching

3 mos  |  $600.00 per mo.
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You already know that you want to make a change. You are tired of feeling tired, achy, gaining weight or not being able to lose weight. Perhaps you have something more serious going on and you want to deal with that. You know that working 1:1 on a weekly basis with the right person, a knowledgeable professional who is as dedicated to you as you are to yourself, will provide you with the guidance and accountability you need so that you can:

* wake up with more energy every morning;

*move your body with ease;

* approach your kitchen with excitement instead of dread;

* fit into the clothing you love to wear;

*feel more confident with every bite;

* love who you see in the mirror.

The three month 1:1 Coaching includes 12 sessions. (1 hour per week)

(monthly payment plans are available)

Sounds like a fit? Then……

Click here to sign up for weekly 1:1 coaching. I will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm a good day and time for our sessions. 


Schedule a free 20-minute consult to discuss how 1:1 coaching will work for you.

Visit our 1:1 coaching page for more information.

In home private plant-based cooking class

2 hrs  |  $300.00


Our plant-based cooking class is very popular. We can meet at your house or mine for 2 hours of 1:1 time in the kitchen. We will discuss before we meet what you would most like to learn or make; it could be anything! Options range from making a full meal, to snacks like crackers, chips, protein bars and more. Learn how to use a dehydrator to make a variety of healthy and delicious treats, learn how to use a vitamix to make everything from smoothies to soups! Both raw and cooked preparations are available, and everything is guaranteed to be more nutritious, delicious and easier to make than you ever thought possible! 

Once we determine a menu, I will provide a complete shopping list.

Individual cooking sessions are priced at $300.00.

This service is only available within the DC metro area.

“She connects and attunes deeply with whatever is going on with you.”

I have been working with Joanne for over a year. During this time, with her support, I have made many changes in my eating that have greatly improved my health. I have more energy, have cut down on some of my medications, have fewer gastrointestinal problems, reduced plaque and my lab work shows many positive changes from before I started working with her. I have radically changed my diet – eating primarily organic foods and learning about alternatives to dairy, sugar and wheat products. She is knowledgeable in so many areas! She sends me great recipes, has introduced me to so many new healthy and super foods, recommends alternative treatments for simple health problems rather than taking over-the-counter medications, and has helped me to understand both the positive and negative impacts that certain foods have on my health and well-being. Moreover, she is a joy to work with. She tailors her coaching to your specific needs, is a patient listener, is 110% committed to her clients and is flexible in her approach. She has a beautiful spirit that connects and attunes deeply with whatever is going on with you – whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual – to offer support and/or practical advice as health and eating issues stir up so much for all of us. I highly recommend Joanne as a health coach!

Marianne J.

“A wealth of knowledge.”

Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge on nutrition and diet.  I feel so much more able to manage my weight now and am enjoying a  much more organic and natural set of food choices.

Renee J.

“I am now at the weight I was when I was quite young and more importantly, I feel marvelous.”

The struggle to lose weight has been my nemesis for decades. The older I get, the harder it seems to be to stay healthy and slim. Joanne has been an inspiration as well as a living example of how to make changes and live a healthier life. Her intelligent coaching and sensitive challenges have encouraged me to do what used to seem to be impossible.

Gerri D.

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