A few weeks ago I was being interviewed, and one of the questions I was asked was if there was a turning point in my life. Had my life always been perfect or did something trigger my “super powers?” It was kind of a funny question and at first I laughed, thinking “no one’s life is perfect, and what super powers was she asking me about?” I decided to go with the flow and answer the question without judgment. What I heard myself say was that my life had not been easy when I was young. I had a difficult childhood, complicated by a great deal of family tragedy. However, I found people to look up to, role models that helped me see that there were options. I knew that I could shape my life to be the way I wanted it. I am not saying that I knew how, but I knew in my gut that I had that power. One of the reasons that I felt so sure was that, for as long as I could remember, my mother had always told me that she knew that I could do anything that I set my mind to. She said it with such conviction that I believed her.

I think that was the best gift my mother could have given me. I am not saying there weren’t moments of self-doubt -there sometimes still are- but I have always been able to work my way through those moments.

It’s Mothers Day weekend and I woke up thinking of my mom this morning. I am grateful that I can tell her this and that she will know it is true. I want to acknowledge her gift to me and hope that I was able to impart the same gift to my kids. I can’t think of any more important tool to take with you into the world.

I love you, Mom.

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