As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday evening, and I am just returning from a family trip to Anna Maria Island, a peaceful getaway off of Florida’s Western coast. We gathered there—my husband, kids, cousins, and extended family—to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. I have loved my cousin all of my life. You see, she was super instrumental in helping me find my own way, and giving me a sense of belonging that I could not find elsewhere.

Picture this: I’m with my family at this exquisite beach. We have an entire weekend ahead of us to talk and eat and walk and celebrate and sit in the sun too long. And how did I kick it off? By frantically (and repeatedly) running up to my room to try to connect to wifi.

After approximately 24 hours of this, my son lovingly suggested that perhaps the spotty Internet in our condo was a sign for me to… UNPLUG. With that one word, I felt an entire weight lift off of my shoulders. You mean I was allowed to put away my laptop and enjoy the moment? It’s almost embarrassing that I didn’t just plan to go into the weekend that way, but it didn’t even cross my mind until it was the only option.

From that moment on, I was able to be 100% fully present and immersed in my time with my loved ones. My conversations were richer because I wasn’t distracted by looking at my phone. I spent hours in the water without thinking about who could be trying to reach me or what email I needed to answer.

I remembered how much I love to BE with people.

There was a lot that I got out of this short weekend, but the biggest takeaway was to remember to unplug. In-person connection is powerful and beautiful and so very rewarding, and that can easily get thwarted by too much technology. So, for the rest of the summer, I am committing to unplugging at least one day a week.

I love to experiment. Let’s see what impact it has on my life.  How about you? Would you like to try too?

Care to join me in unplugging? Comment below and tell me what impact unplugging might have on your life.

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