Did you know that most people falsely believe that protein only comes from dairy and meat?? In fact, there are TONS of delicious and fabulous plant-based sources of protein that can liven up your breakfast every day! Inside the Vegan Better Breakfast Bites E-Book, you’ll see how protein, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants get packed into healthy, VEGAN options that can fuel you in a vibrant way.


11 easy-to-follow, highly nutritious recipes that will help you feel energized, clear-headed and focused.

You’ll learn how having a healthy and well-balanced first meal of the day sets us up on a cellular level to function well.

You’ll discover how prioritizing your health and wellness will set the tone for the whole day.

Meet the Author

I’m Joanne Schneider, an integrative nutrition coach and a raw food educator. I empower men and women by teaching them how to nourish themselves for their unique body and lifestyle.

I created this e-book to provide easy to create recipes for healthy, plant-based, gluten-free meals, many of which can be prepared ahead for meal planning convenience.

So much has been written about the importance of a good, healthy breakfast. While not everyone has their first meal at the same time of day, we all eventually start our day eating SOMETHING. Making sure that “something” is highly nutritious has a positive effect on everything that follows.

Did You Know:

  • That starting your day with lots of protein and carbs wakes up your brain and your body in the most effective way possible??
  • That dairy and meats are NOT the only – or even the best – sources of protein???
  • That you can make scrumptious vegan and plant-based breakfast choices that will kick off your mornings with a nutritious and DELICIOUS bang?

Let Me Show You How:

Inside my Vegan Better Breakfast Bites E-Book, you’ll see how protein gets packed into healthy, VEGAN options that will fuel you in a vibrant way. And more than that, learn how to put it all together in an EASY, ACCESSIBLE and EFFICIENT way that will start your morning off right!

Start your day off right! Grab your copy of Vegan Better Breakfast Bites NOW!