We Don’t All Have Time To Make Our Own Nut Milk Everyday

(I can teach you how to do that by the way, but it’s in a different book.)


Thirty30 recipe ebook

30 Meals You Can Prepare In 30 Minutes.

Thirty30 recipe ebook

Because sometimes a piece of toast as you walk out the door is an achievement.

Sure, we’ve all got the same hours in a day as Beyoncé, but you’re busy. With work, kids, social commitments, and making sure the dog gets walked, there’s not a lot of hours left to ensure your meals are nutritionally balanced.

Eating what feels convenient means you’re left running at way less than 100%.

Thirty 30 is all about making it easier to keep your body fully charged so you can live your most vibrant and healthy life.

Whether that means keeping up with the kids, enrolling in that yoga course you’ve been talking about forever, or becoming a smashed avocado food critic, Thirty 30 is here to support you.

Every Thirty 30 recipe is super easy to prepare.

No need to visit a specialty store on the other side of town to find obscure or expensive ingredients, either. Just a visit to the supermarket or local market and you’re good to go.

None of those recipes that say they’ll take 30mins and 2hrs later you’re still in the kitchen.

Thirty30 recipe ebook
Thirty30 recipe ebook

Every recipe in Thirty 30 has been created to be nutritious, delicious, and super easy. No exceptions.

You don’t need to be a chef. You don’t even have to love to cook. You just have to get into the kitchen and do it.

Thirty30 recipe ebook

Tips On Meal Planning Included

Thirty30 recipe ebook
Thirty30 recipe ebook
Thirty30 recipe ebook
Thirty30 recipe ebook
Thirty30 recipe ebook


I give you tips on how to meal plan, so you can start by adding just a few of my plant-based meals into your routine and go from there.

Learn what meal prep you can do ahead of time and create delicious, nutritious meals even more efficiently.

Save yourself a super amount of time by batch preparing a whole bunch at once.

It’s your journey. Fit Thirty 30 into your life, however it suits you.

It’s all about making your life as convenient as possible without compromising on health or flavor.

Thirty30 recipe ebook


Let’s be real; when you eat crap, you feel like crap.

Eating bars that are pre-packaged, taking pills, mashing up supplements and powders –when did being healthy get so completely unappetizing?

The key to having more energy, reducing aches and pains, and boosting your immune system is in eating plant-based and whole foods.

Plus it’s actually delicious, have you seen my Instagram?

You’ll Never Go Hungry

Eating quality plant-based, whole foods fills you up and keep you satisfied for longer so you’re less tempted to reach for naughty snacks. Plant-based foods contain healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Everything you need to tame the hunger beast.

Thirty30 recipe ebook

Feeling Better Has Never Been So Easy And Delicious.

For the good of your health and the planet.

Get Your Copy Of

Thirty30 recipe ebook

And Get On Your Path To Good Health