Do you know that feeling you get when you find something so fabulous that you just cannot wait to share it with all your favorite people? That’s me… today! I am really excited to share something with you…but before I do, I think a little background might be in order…. 

Many of you may know my personal history with raw food, how I fell in love with raw food when it helped me heal so quickly from hip surgery a couple years ago {and if you don’t, you can read more about it here: .  

But over the course of the past year, while working with my 1:1 clients, I made a really amazing discovery.  Since healing from my surgery, I have been eating a partially raw food diet, not 100%. And with my clients, I have shared and introduced raw items here and there, but not exclusively, because remember, my biggest motivation is to work with the you that I find and love.

I want all my clients and friends to learn to eat and live more healthfully, not eat in a particular, one-size-fits-all way. Anyway, looking back over the past year, I realized that I have watched my clients lower their blood pressure, drop weight, reduce their diabetes, and in some cases, they have stopped taking some of their medications altogether (WITH THEIR DOCTORS’ APPROVAL ONLY!) because they began to heal from their previously existing medical conditions.  

I started looking a little more closely at their triumphs, and that was when it hit me: adding even one raw food meal per day to their routines was a big part of why they have enjoyed remarkable results.

Now these were not necessarily people who had lived a healthy lifestyle before we started working together. Life had gotten in their way, and they ate on the run, sometimes ate heavily processed foods, or they worked so hard that they got into bad habits with food and exercise.

But when they started to embrace the food and lifestyle changes they were learning, they all felt so much better. One client lost 13 pounds and her symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and vertigo disappeared; another lost 18 pounds, along with his IBS and joint pain; a third was finally able to bring his diabetes under control and reduce medication dramatically.  And it struck me that EVERYONE, all of my friends, could experience so many benefits if they knew how to add in a little raw food each day. 

That’s what I had in mind when I started writing to you today. Building on the success of my clients who have already welcomed raw food into their lifestyle I have created my new adventure: A Tiny Taste Of Raw.  

One of the key things that I have learned is that you DO NOT HAVE TO BE 100% RAW to experience the benefits of eating raw food. Even adding a smoothie or an extra salad with each meal will have an impact.  Participating in my new FREE 5 day program will introduce you to the ease and benefits of getting acquainted with raw food.

So here is your opportunity to try ONE easy raw food recipe every day for 5 days, straight to your inbox!!! And I am so sure that you will love the changes you see and feel in yourself, I am offering the entire 5 day program for FREE.  Sign up here or click here for more information

And let’s get this Spring season off to a great start together!  


  1. love the raw foods and meals you have recommended already and can’t wait to try new recipes.

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