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“So worth the investment in good health.”

Before I began working with Joanne I was experiencing a number of debilitating conditions that my doctors were not connecting. Periodic sinusitis would have me in bed with mono type systems. And then there was the “3 day” stomach bug that lasted five weeks and had me pretty much home bound.  I was exhausted being sick and made a decision last spring to devote myself to getting well. For me that meant working with a trainer twice a week, walking 3-5days a week, and the biggest step was contacting Joanne to see if her program would make any sense for me.

I knew Joanne from our children’s’ school and trusted her work ethic. Personal integrity and kindness. I began doing one of her seven day challenges where I focused on making whatever dish she had designated for preparing on that given day. So far so good. Then I contacted her to do private sessions. That was the challenge for me. It meant an entire new way of thinking about and preparing food. The first two weeks I would be spending an hour or so each time in the market literally reading labels. You think all yogurt is the same?  Look out for the carrageenan that most companies add to the yogurts. And the sugar content of foods that you thought of as healthy such as Kind Bars!!  Not so kind. But after those first few weeks the marketing became easier and what with the arrival of the warm weather came the more delicious fruits and vegetables which I love.

Joanne’s water regimen required me drinking so much more water than I was used to. I bought the water bottle with the ounces designated and Lo and behold in the past year I haven’t had one episode of vertigo!! That in and of itself is a miracle for me. And then there was the addition of herbal tea along with turmeric tea. I hated my first encounter with turmeric tea. Joanne discussed all of the beneficial qualities and I decided to try it again. Now I actually love it.  She also had me cut out dairy. Hello almond milk.

Along with becoming acquainted with foods that I couldn’t even pronounce I have expanded my go to recipes (chia pudding, fake tuna salad, pineapple soup and quinoa salad to name a few) I have incorporated the blender (daily smoothies for breakfast), the spiralizer (great for zucchini pasta) and the dehydrator (kale chips, pomegranates and apples are all divine).  And I go to Moms supermarket where everything you see is organic.

But the best news is that I have lost 12 pounds and significantly lowered my blood pressure during this past year while working with Joanne never once calorie counting!!  Do I feel better?  You bet and I could not have done it without Joanne’s guidance and encouragement.  So worth the investment in good health.


“Joanne helps you deal with issues that keep you from being your best.”

I decided to work with Joanne because I wanted to “clean up my act”. I eat well, but didn’t really know a lot about nutrition. Joanne is a well of information. She explained why eating organic is so important and also why looking for non GMO foods is just as important. At her recommendation, I changed from keeping my food in Tupperware and plastic, to glass dishes. I bought one sauce pan that does not have Teflon coating on it [small steps].

I start off my day with warm lemon water to balance my gut PH. Joanne has shared many recipes with me. I love making my green smoothie. I feel so healthy after drinking it. I keep enough healthy sweets in the house [all made from her recipes] so that I’m not tempted to go into my kid’s snack cabinet. She not only helps with food/shopping/cooking choices, but also helps you deal with issues that keep you from being your best. And, she never forces her eating style on you. She works with what you like. Although she lives and recommends mostly a plant-based raw system of eating, she never made me feel bad or guilty for wanting to eat fish, eggs, etc.

I could say so much more, but I guess I want to share that I almost didn’t work with Joanne because we live in 2 different states and I wasn’t sure that I would stick with it if she wasn’t here to keep an eye on me. However, we had a weekly session on the phone for a little over an hour and I was [and am still] able to email and text her with questions whenever I need to. Her response time is very fast. I will continue to eat — as she recommends — at least 90% clean at home and 80% clean outside the house…. and if that doesn’t happen 100% of them time, I will do as she says and be kind to myself and work towards eating and being the best that I’m able.


“Joanne connects and attunes deeply with whatever is going on with you.”

I have been working with Joanne for over a year. During this time, with her support, I have made many changes in my eating that have greatly improved my health. I have more energy, have cut down on some of my medications, have fewer gastrointestinal problems, reduced plaque and my lab work shows many positive changes from before I started working with her. I have radically changed my diet – eating primarily organic foods and learning about alternatives to dairy, sugar and wheat products. She is knowledgeable in so many areas! She sends me great recipes, has introduced me to so many new healthy and super foods, recommends alternative treatments for simple health problems rather than taking over-the-counter medications, and has helped me to understand both the positive and negative impacts that certain foods have on my health and well-being. Moreover, she is a joy to work with. She tailors her coaching to your specific needs, is a patient listener, is 110% committed to her clients and is flexible in her approach. She has a beautiful spirit that connects and attunes deeply with whatever is going on with you – whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual – to offer support and/or practical advice as health and eating issues stir up so much for all of us. I highly recommend Joanne as a health coach!

Marianne J.

“I am deeply indebted and will forever carry Joanne in my heart.”

The best part of working with Joanne is that she makes the experience joyous, fun and meaningful. My body is cleaner and I have regained control over my health and the health of my family. I started my nutritional study with Joanne with zero expectations, but she quickly brought to life the astounding benefits of not just healthy eating, but living with renewed purpose. Within a few short weeks, I looked at food and the entire American way of eating through new eyes. I learned to avoid processed foods and items with GMOs (I mean really, who wants to eat genetically modified organisms anyway?).

Mary C.

“Working with Joanne is how this Stella got her groove back.”

In my first session with Joanne she asked me to describe how I ate, and I have to laugh because I told her that I ate relatively healthily, and I meant it. Oh, what I had to learn. I did not even know what eating healthy looked like! I was utterly and positively stuck in my life. At 46, I had grown into a 60-pound overweight couch potato. Climbing the stairs left me winded (and that was the full extent of what I considered my “exercise” program!). While it sounds cliché, working with Joanne truly changed my life.What I value the most in working with her is how well she paces her instruction so that I can digest what I’ve learned (and I’ve learned a staggering amount!) at the pace that works for me. From the start, I knew I didn’t want a diet—I wanted a genuine lifestyle change, and that’s exactly what I’ve gotten. In less than 4 months’ time, I have dropped 4 pant sizes and I exercise 5 -6 times a week because—get this!—I want to. I cannot recommend Joanne highly enough.

Christine M.

“A wealth of knowledge.”

Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge on nutrition and diet.  I feel so much more able to manage my weight now and am enjoying a  much more organic and natural set of food choices.

Renee J.

“I am now at the weight I was when I was quite young and more importantly, I feel marvelous.”

The struggle to lose weight has been my nemesis for decades. The older I get, the harder it seems to be to stay healthy and slim. Joanne has been an inspiration as well as a living example of how to make changes and live a healthier life. Her intelligent coaching and sensitive challenges have encouraged me to do what used to seem to be impossible.

Gerri D.

“Joanne is the real deal and has helped me in so many ways.”

Her coaching and help have really aided me in breaking out of a mindset that has kept me stuck, overweight and uncomfortable since 2013. Joanne is amazing and I couldn’t let this time pass without expressing my sincere gratitude. This is not something she asked me to do. I just felt in my heart that I needed to share this and encourage anyone on the ledge to work with her, whether by buying her products and programs or taking her on as your health coach. You won’t be disappointed.

Shun J.

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