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A concentrated four-week program of small group health coaching.

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Join us for a concentrated four-week program of small group coaching:

  •  Four 60-minute virtual weekly group coaching sessions (audio and visual access available).
  •  One 30 minute one-to-one consultation with me either before or during your 4-week session.
  •  One specific in-depth topic and lesson per week. Topics covered will include:  hydration, detoxification and cleansing, probiotics and gut health, stocking your pantry, immune-boosting strategies
  •  And of course, RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES!!!!
  • Small groups: Your coaching group will never have more than 6 people, tops
  • Recorded sessions: All coaching sessions will be recorded and sent to participants the following business day. Miss a session or have to leave the room? No worries! Everything will be right on your desktop within 24 hours!
  • Unlimited e-mail support: Got a question? Send me a private e-mail with your thoughts or concerns and I will personally respond to your message.  I will even provide specific office hours so you can count on times that I will be available.

Option to renew: If you are loving your group as much as I know you will, you have the option to renew after 4 weeks.  AND the price will REMAIN THE SAME for you as an exclusive benefit!

The virtual weekly group coaching sessions will begin May 17th and run through June 3rd.

1 review for NB&M Group Coaching

  1. Gracie Ruth

    I have been in Joanne’s group coaching for three seasons. I have learned so much about the importance and benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. About food combination, sleeping enough hours to “recharge” energy. I also learned what products are good and what to avoid. I also learn to read food labels. She has shared so many delicious recipes. It is a pleasure to learn from an expert who has have the education and has the passion to help us all enjoy life, be healthy and eat right. She is an advocate of healing with natural products. I purchased her smoothie ebook which by the way, it is AMAZING! I am enjoying it everyday. I highly recommend Joanne, and her way of coaching you to the path of delicious and health. 🙂

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