Pantry Makeover

beansIt’s hard to change when your pantry is packed full of those nasty little traitors to our health that we all secretly love so much. 

You know the ones—sugary candy for the sweet cravings, the crunchy chips you grab after a long day at the office, the pre-packaged cans of food with calories but no nutritional value. It all becomes fair game when you’re hungry, even if you know better. (And I can honestly say my clients do know better.)

That’s why I’ve created a special pantry makeover service to tackle this problem head on.

When I start working with women like you, I meet them where they are. Usually when I say this I mean where they are metaphorically in the context of their lives, but sometimes it gets literal. Very literal. Me standing within arm’s reach of your kitchen cabinets literal. This is one of those times. (Don’t worry if you’re not local. We can meet up digitally too.)

You and I will take an inventory of your pantry, noting each item you’ve got and how it affects your health. We’ll toss the bad and replace it with the delicious. You might be shaking your head right now. “But chips are delicious.” Are they? Or do you simply think that because eating them is a comforting habit you’ve had for years and can’t seem to kick? And if you do really find them tasty, are they scrumptious enough that it’s worth not fitting into your own jeans after you eat them? Probably not.

cropped frigEverything is ok in moderation, I absolutely agree.

But the issue is when the junk is in the trunk (or the pantry), it becomes a lot harder to eat it in moderation.

I promise food can be good for you AND delicious.

And I’m going to help you pick out the food that’s both. We will go to the grocery store together, and you will come home completely restocked with the tasty food that’s also going to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Because you deserve that—and so does anyone else that lives with you.

I’ve seen far too many people with solid intentions get off track simply because they don’t know how to keep their kitchen stocked with the savory foods that also enhance their nutrition.

I don’t think about pantry makeovers as depriving you of the things you love to eat but instead as an exercise in crowding out the not-so-healthy with the oh-my-god-my-body-loves-this kind of foods.


To schedule your pantry makeover, click here.

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