The stress of everyday life leaves our bodies needing a little extra TLC. Nourishing Smoothies are the perfect way to re-energize, calm bodily inflammation, hydrate your systems and get things “moving”. 😉 😉

With our Nourishing Smoothies ebook, you’ll be able to give your entire body what it needs with real, whole, nutritious food. It’s almost hard to believe that something that tastes so good can also make you look and feel amazing.

Take deliciously good care of yourself, the Nourished Body and Mind way!

Nourishing Smoothies ebook

16 deliciously healthy smoothie recipes, packed with tips and info to help you understand what each smoothie will add to your healthy lifestyle.

Each recipes combined specific ingredients that make our Nourishing Smoothie a HEALTH POWERHOUSE in one or more of these categories:

Here’s What You Get:

Nourishing Smoothies ebook

In our new e-book:
• 16 nourishing smoothie recipes 
• tips to familiarize you with smoothie making basics 
• full color images to guide your creations 
• guidance to help you understand the specific health benefits of each smoothie


When you act now, you will receive an added bonus:

Nourishing Nut Milks ebook

Which includes:
• 3 easy nut milk recipes (perfect for learning how to make at home!)
• full color images to help guide the way

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

Printer-friendly Recipes

Additionally, you will get PRINTER-FRIENDLY RECIPES to help keep your new nourishing habits right at your fingertips!
16 nourishing smoothie recipes
•  3 nourishing nut milk recipes
•  printer-friendly pages ready to print directly onto card stock and cut out for recipe cards!


You will have exclusive access to the NOURISHED BODY & MIND COMMUNITY!

NB&M Community Access

• NB&M Community Facebook group featuring Joanne Schneider
• Peer support
• Tips, recipes and inspiration
All in real time!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s NOT!  It’s the Nourished Body & Mind way!

Come along and join the Smoothie party now!!

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