December is, for me, a uniquely introspective month. I am, of course, caught up in the seasonal glow of the holidays, I gravitate toward warm blankets and comforting drinks and hearty soups. I look forward to gift giving and visiting with family and friends. But I also find myself keenly aware that it signifies the end of a year that has brought with it a myriad of feelings and experiences for me, some good, some bad, some wonderful. I try to make it my business to take stock of where I am at the end of each year, and give myself the opportunity to feel good about the progress I have made. More than anything, as 2017 draws to a close, I want to embrace the things I have achieved, the adventures I have enjoyed, and the people who have made a difference along the way. 

In the interest of embracing 2017, I thought it would be fun to share with you a peak behind the curtain of the Nourished Body and Mind team.  Throughout our year together, everything I provide, including our monthly Newsletters, blog posts, emails, challenges, reboots, varied programs, courses and master classes (not to mention all yummy recipes!) are a result of a genuine team effort. It does, indeed, take a village, and I would love to introduce you to mine:

Lysa has been with me since very early on. She came to Nourished Body and Mind like an angel from Heaven! Quick as a whip and capable of just about everything, Lysa stepped up immediately and helped me organize systems, basically rebuilt my first website, brainstormed ideas, and took the tech process as far away from me as possible (thank goodness!). She has the patience of a saint, she teaches me those things that I need to know while doing so many others that I don’t want to, or don’t have time to, do. We have tried for years to come up with a title for what Lysa does, and I always come back to this: “she is my right hand.” Right hand or left hand, she really wears the hat of a COO, and we are just the luckiest to have her on board. Lysa also has two sons who are the loves of her life and recently adopted a dog! His name is Ford! 

Lysa’s Favorite NB&M Recipe: Zucchini Pasta

Jillian is the talent that makes Nourished Body and Mind look beautiful. She built and maintains our digital home (the Nourished Body and Mind website), posts all my recipes and creates every beautiful logo, header, and program as well as all the e-book art. I supply her with the written copy and the photos (yes, they are mine), and she does all the rest! Jillian never ceases to amaze me with her unique, gorgeous work. In addition, as part of our very small team, Jillian offers thoughtful, creative ideas during our weekly brainstorming sessions. Jillian is mom to her two beautiful dogs, Libby and Monkey, and has a passion for dance.  

Jillian’s Favorite NB&M Recipe: Joanne’s Turmeric Latte


Everyone who writes knows that an editor can make or break a piece of writing and there is no question in my mind that Norma has made my recipes, blog posts, emails and program materials sing. Since she began editing for me, it became apparent that I would be foolish to publish anything without Norma’s blessing. Since we are also cousins, she can never run away (lucky for me). She gives me sound advice, and unique and valuable insight during our brainstorming sessions. Norma is married, is mom to three boys, as well as to Arlo the dog and Nigel the cat, and is a passionate tennis player.

Norma’s Favorite NB&M Recipe: Chickpea Tuna Salad


Some of you found your way to me though social media. Kathy is the person who takes care of all Nourished Body and Mind Facebook advertising. Anyone who has tried to place ads on Facebook knows that it is a huge and difficult job. It is such a pleasure to have been able to hand this off to Kathy knowing that she will take care of getting everything done without a hitch! She is a pro and a pleasure to work with and is also always brainstorming new ways to help me to reach more of you! Kathy is an avid bike rider and skater and recently competed in the Berlin Marathon skating division!

Kathy’s Favorite NB&M Recipe: Almond Cacao Smoothie


Oh, you didn’t think I would forget Hugo, did you? He is our team mascot, my constant reminder to prioritize being outdoors and having fun, and he has the great distinction of being our top-ranked canine recipe tester. ? (And yes, Hugo loves kale, collards and smoothies!). More than anything, Hugo makes me laugh, and brings me joy, and I get to pass that on to you! 

So you see, that Nourished Body and Mind really is a team effort and I am so grateful to this group of talented, creative, devoted women for helping me to put out the best materials possible for you. YOU are the reason we do what we do and we so appreciate your opening your minds, hearts and inboxes to us! 

2017 may have been a challenging year, but for us at Nourished Body and Mind it was also a great year with a lot of growth. 

Now, keep your eyes open for 2018…. We’ve got some big plans and a few surprises for you!!!

Wishing you peace, joy and health for your holiday and new year, 

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