Integrating Raw

Integrating Raw

A 1:1 coaching program for people who want to win back their health, fit confidently into their clothes, and send their energy through the roof…



How many times have you tried a new diet, noticed the number dropping on the scale, and then watched as the pounds crept back up again? That’s because while diets may sound great on paper, in fact they are unrealistic in actuality.  By nature, diets are hard and fast, with no wiggle room. What healthy, happy person wants to go their entire life without ever eating another carbohydrate, dessert with sugar, or dairy-laced food item?




integrating raw is for

  • Anyone who longs to live a healthier lifestyle and make the food choices that support it.
  • People who want to love what they see in the mirror and desire to experience more radiant skin, whiter eyes, stronger hair, and a leaner body;
  • Men and women who are tired of being tired, who want renewed and lasting energy they can count on to propel them through the day;
  • Anyone who is afraid of how much pain and discomfort they’ll continue to feel around their bodies if they don’t take action now;
  • People who are in the midst of a healing crisis as their bodies battle an autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes, or other invader;




My name is Joanne Shaw Schneider, and I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Raw Food Educator and ambassador to happy, healthy bodies. My commitment to you is that I will meet you where you are right now, whether that’s carrying the extra weight you’ve been trying to lose for years, struggling with chronic pain, or fighting cancer or an autoimmune disease. Whatever you’re dealing with today, I promise you that we’re about to make a difference in your tomorrow!  


You’ll be astonished by how Integrating Raw can transform you as it nourishes your body on a cellular level, packing you with the nutrients and vitamins that are dangerously absent from the heavily processed Western diet. Integrating Raw isn’t just a commitment to “becoming healthier.” It’s a commitment to your life and your future.





In 2014 I had major hip surgery and was told my recovery time would take between four and eight months. I was tired and sick from the surgery and the meds, but fortunately for me, the surgery happened to coincide with a 3-day raw boot camp happening in DC. While I had no idea how I was going to muster the energy I needed to attend, this boot camp was calling my name. I knew I had to make it work.


What I found out during those three days was quite amazing. Aside from what I read on paper about raw food, I found myself learning more about what integrating raw food could do for my own body. I was gaining energy each 10-hour long day during the boot camp—in spite of previously being so exhausted I wasn’t sure if I would make it at all! At the end of those 3 days, the physical healing of the skin under my bandages was astounding. I showed my husband, a surgeon, and he was speechless.



raw recipes 3


I decided to stay on the raw program for the next week at home, making my own dishes and experimenting every day. I felt vibrant!  The 5 pounds that I gained around the time of my surgery fell off (along with a few more). My clothing was looser, my skin brighter and firmer, and my energy flying high. At night I was sleeping like a baby, and in the morning I felt light and energized—no food hangovers to be found.


I had always been active, and as an integrative nutrition coach, foodie, and wellness enthusiast, I thought I was making the best choices possible for my body. It wasn’t until I started integrating raw foods that I understood how much better I could feel—in my skin, in my clothes, in my energy level, in everything. And now I want those same results for you.

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“Working with Joanne is how this Stella got her groove back.”

In my first session with Joanne she asked me to describe how I ate, and…I did not even know what eating healthy looked like!…At 46, I had grown into a 60-pound overweight couch potato.…While it sounds cliché, working with Joanne truly changed my life. What I value the most…is how well she paces her instruction so that I can digest what I’ve learned (and I’ve learned a staggering amount!) at the pace that works for me. … I cannot recommend Joanne highly enough.

Christine Maginnis

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  • A firm understanding of how to easily integrate raw foods into your existing lifestyle so you can begin reaping the benefits immediately.
  • Recipes you can use to create delicious raw snacks and meals you and your family will love to eat (My 20-year-old son cannot get enough of my special veggie and kale chip recipe I’m going to share with you during Week 5!).
  • Immense physical benefits such as higher energy, the ability to sleep more soundly, radiant skin, and weight loss.

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“I am now at the weight I was when I was quite young and…I feel marvelous.”

The struggle to lose weight has been my nemesis for decades. The older I get, the harder it seems to be to stay healthy and slim. Joanne has been an inspiration as well as a living example of how to make changes and live a healthier life. Her intelligent coaching and sensitive challenges have encouraged me to do what used to seem to be impossible.”

Gerri D.

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Week 1 – Why Raw? An Introduction

There’s no need to worry if you are a raw food beginner because this is the week where you’ll master the background basics. We’ll begin by discussing Dr. Ann Wigmore’s discoveries about the healing benefits of raw food. Week 1 is also the place we build our future foundation by creating a personalized health protocol for you to follow throughout your journey. We’ll use it to check your progress every single week so you never feel like you’re doing this alone.


Week 2 – Prepping Your Kitchen

You can begin integrating raw foods without any additional equipment other than what’s already in your cabinets, but most raw food eaters do choose to invest in a few new tools. In Week 2 you’ll get a rundown of the equipment that will help make integrating raw foods easier. This will include the first purchases you’ll want to make, what can wait until you’re ready to go pro, and how to make do with what you already have.


Week 3 – Green Juice Therapy

In Week 3, you learn about the benefits of green juice, such as how it can help heal your body from autoimmune diseases and aid in the recovery from cancer. You’ll receive recipes to try at home, a private demo so you can see exactly how to whip up green juice in your own kitchen, and tips that will upgrade your green juice to a higher level of deliciousness and health.


Week 4 – Starting to Sprout

Did you know that sprouts are one of the best foods you can put in your body? They potentially have over 100 times more enzymes than most other forms of vegetables, which means that when you eat a sprout your body gets a boost that allows it to function more actively and efficiently. This means it won’t take so much of your energy to complete basic body functions like digestion. Why does that matter to you? Because if your body is using less energy to run internally, you get to feel that abundance of energy throughout your day. You’ll wake up refreshed—and you’ll sustain that feeling as the hours tick by. In Week 4 we’ll demystify and simplify the sprouting process so you can start your own little indoor garden.


Weeks 5 & 6 – Chop, Slice, Stir – How To Prep Your Meals

Weeks 5 and 6 are where we show you how simple integrating raw foods can actually be and empower you to prepare raw meals on your own. These weeks are jam-packed with live demonstrations and recipes for smoothies, nut milk, bowls, salads, sauces, hummus, pudding, and beyond (including my favorite green soup recipe—it takes only 12 minutes from start to finish!).


Week 7 – High and Dry – Mastering The Art of Dehydration

Things like kale chips, dried fruit and veggies, crackers, and warm soups are all created using the magic of the dehydrator. The dehydrator is my favorite tool for healthy snacks on the go. If you’ve never worked with a dehydrator before, you’ll be impressed by the possibilities of this little machine—and by how easy it is to master!


Week 8 – Your Glad Gut — Fermentation, Probiotics, and Healing Your Tummy

Your gut plays a vital role in developing your immunity. Things like probiotics and the fermented foods that contain them go a long way towards taking better care of your tummy so your tummy can take better care of you. And yes, there are recipes this week too!


Week 9 – Defeating Toxins

It’s important to know where toxins come from so you can make the decisions necessary to avoid contamination. We’ll do a medicine chest and closet makeover this week and show you how to replace the toxic products that are lurking in your cabinets, causing inflammation and pain, with products that support healthy bodies and minds. You’ll learn how to eliminate most toxins from your life and you’ll be amazed at how simple it will be.


Week 10 – Keeping Up With The Lifestyle (And Bonus Healthy Habits)

In the final week of Integrating Raw we wrap up with tools and insight you can use to stay healthy and on track for the long-term. I’ll also reveal some additional lifestyle habits you can incorporate into your daily routines to rejuvenate your body and health.


one more thing


Did you notice Integrating Raw does not include a week focused exclusively on weight loss? That’s because you’ll most likely be losing weight THE ENTIRE TIME. It’s a natural side effect of eating raw food.



Wondering how Integrating Raw could work for you?

I’m offering a FREE 20 minute consult over Skype or phone to discuss the ways this program can change your life.


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“She connects and attunes deeply with whatever is going on with you.”

I have been working with Joanne for over a year. During this time, with her support, I have made many changes in my eating….I have more energy, have cut down on some of my medications, have fewer gastrointestinal problems, reduced plaque and my lab work shows many positive changes from before I started working with her. …She tailors her coaching to your specific needs, is a patient listener, is 110% committed to her clients and is flexible in her approach.

Marianne J.

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“I am deeply indebted and will forever carry Joanne in my heart.”

The best part of working with Joanne is that she makes the experience joyous, fun and meaningful. My body is cleaner and I have regained control over my health and the health of my family.

Mary C.

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“A wealth of knowledge.”

Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge on nutrition and diet.  I feel so much more able to manage my weight now and am enjoying a  much more organic and natural set of food choices.

Renee J.

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I have 20 minutes with your name on it!

Click below now and I’ll answer any and all of your questions about Integrating Raw.



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