It’s been a little over two weeks since I co-hosted the first Fresh Focus workshop with the very brilliant and talented Maria Terol. We worked for months, planning out every step of the day with the goal of offering a clear path to re-energizing the body and mind. It was a true labor of love, and as we worked, Maria and I learned about ourselves, each other, and what we wanted to teach.

With each week that passed, our message became clearer and more focused. It was a lengthy process, and it evolved as we worked. Each of us had areas to focus on, and once a week or so we would get together to review. As we were both working with clients all day, our weekly Skype sessions were mostly at night. I would have expected them to be brief and to have felt exhausted by the end, but the opposite was true. They were interesting and dynamic and despite being exhausted from a long day, I found myself re-energized by our conversations.

The week leading up to the workshop, we had several rehearsal meetings during which we would run through various parts of the day. I kept thinking that we really needed more time… At least, that I need more time. Would I remember everything? Would it flow? Why couldn’t we have just one more week?

When the day finally I came, I was nervous… until the first person walked through the door. That was all it took, and I instantly relaxed. I think Maria did too. In the first ten minutes, I could tell that we had gathered a fascinating, dynamic group of women, and that they were as invested in the day as we were. It was an outstanding feeling. Everyone spoke honestly about why there were there and what they hoped to achieve. We talked, we laughed, and at times we came close to tears. We shared a meal that I think everyone truly enjoyed, and there was so much more. When it ended, several of the women said wished they didn’t have to leave.

I think we all learned a lot from this experience. I know without a doubt that this is an experience that I hope to build on—and lucky for me, Maria does too! I can’t wait to see what comes next for both of us.

Look for more information on the next Fresh Focus workshop soon!

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