Holiday Deals

With the holiday season underway, I am delighted to share a few outstanding offers here from some of my favorite companies. Carefully vetted for quality and consistency, I can vouch for these products and businesses and love these options for treating yourself as well as others.

As a member for the NB+M community, you have special access to these limited discounts… so check them out now! Some are time sensitive, and supplies will not last. Maybe you’ll even find something you have been searching for!

Nama Juicers: 10% off

I am literally obsessed with this juicer. I personally use the J2 several times a week and it has been a game changer for me. It is the easiest juicer I have ever used - and I have been juicing for decades! It is easy to load, does an incredible job of extracting juice from fruits and veggies, and is a breeze to clean (something I have NEVER before said about a juicer 😄 ). There are several other models available too, even the newest C2, which is both a juicer and a blender.

You can use my special code JOANNE10 to access this offer of 10% off any of their juicers!!

If you have been eyeing this juicer, it is a great gift for yourself or someone you really love!!


This is a catalogue of some of my favorite kitchen items. I personally use the kitchen apron every day and the oven mitts are comfortable, attractive and well-priced. I have been buying from Food52 for years and their customer service is outstanding. There are so many items, I cannot list them all, but you will definitely find a lot of goodies in this catalogue - many of them at great discount prices!

Ora Organics

If you know me, you know I LOVE this company! Their products are incredibly well sourced and impeccably designed to provide the very best plant based supplements available.

These are regular staples in my house:
Trust Your Gut: Pre and Probiotic
Apply Ever After: ACV pills!! (for those of us who cannot stand drinking ACV! ) 😝😉
Good as Gold: The most delicious and effective golden milk powder
Sol Food: Vitamin D3 with K2
Aloe Gorgeous: Plant based collagen boosting powder
You’re A Knockout: Natural sleep aid supplement (life changing!!)
Head & Heart: Plant based Omega 3 (from algae)

Order on Subscription (cancel anytime) and get 20% off and if you add this code NBMTHANKSGIVING20 you will get an ADDITIONAL 20% off from now until 11/27.

Plant based Bundle

I am also super excited to announce that I have been included again in a wonderful project involving some of the most influential and talented plant-based creators and wellness enthusiasts in our industry. For a limited time I invite you to purchase an incredible collaborative Plant-Based Bundle that includes over 150 plant-based recipe EBooks and workout plans! This Plant-Based Bundle will offer you a wealth of options to explore a more plant-based lifestyle at your own pace.

In addition to my own ebook “Vegan Better Breakfast Bites,” this unique bundle consists of 150+ handpicked vegan ebooks, courses, and programs including:
- Vegan Guides
- Home Workout Programs
- Meal Plans
- Recipe eBooks
- And so much more!

I am honored to join many of the most respected vegan influencers and professionals from around the world to offer you this bundle for only $50!! But don’t delay because this special offering is available only from Nov 18th to the 27th, and it is a steal! I personally have been trying out many of my colleagues’ recipes from this Bundle over the last week, and it’s expanding even my horizons. This is truly a fabulous opportunity for anyone looking to build upon and broaden their variety of plant-based and/or vegan options!!!


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