Have you been planning to start living healthier?

Maybe drop a few pounds? Or more than a few? Eat a little healthier? Be a little more active? Run a marathon or maybe enjoy a daily walk?

We’ve all been there at one point or another, even me. I know what it feels like to want to find your way back to a healthier lifestyle or to get a fresh start on a new one. It takes motivation. It takes patience. It takes the perfect blend of timing and support, and just a dash of fun mixed in.

Guess what? I have just the thing for you: 


Introducing Nourished Body and Mind Online Group Coaching!!

A brand new, small group approach to coaching that will have you:

  •  up and moving!
  • creating and eating healthy, fresh and delicious food!
  • sharing your journey with like-minded people with similar goals!
  • learning not only how to achieve your health goals but how to sustain them over time!
  • all under the guidance and tutelage of me, Joanne Schneider, a certified integrative nutrition coach and raw food educator!

Join us for an online concentrated four-week program of small group coaching at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one health coaching. And I promise you will more than get your bang for the buck. Take a look:



  • Four 60-minute virtual weekly group coaching sessions (audio and visual access available).
  • One 30 minutes one-to-one consultation with me either before or during your 4-week session.
  • One specific in-depth topic and lesson per week.

Topics covered will include:

Make sure your body has all the water it needs to do its job properly, including how much you need and creative ways to make sure you have enough every day.
Learn what it means to rid your body of things that are sabotaging your healthy success, and discover how easy and natural it can be to set the stage for a healthier new you!
Cleansing is an incredibly effective way to give your body a break. It will allow you to discover a new set point and can restore your health to it’s intended state.
Believe it or not, your gut hold the keys to the health castle, and you will learn how to treat your gut really well, and how probiotics lead the charge!
Learn all about the ecosystem of the body and the power gut health has on our wellness.
Determine the key contents of your pantry, remove what should be removed, and most significantly you will learn why things should be replaced and with what. 
Learn concrete strategies and recipes for keeping your immune system working at an optimal level.

  • And of course, RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES!!!!

Wait, there’s more!!

Small groups

Your coaching group will never have more than 6 people, tops (plus me, Joanne, of course!)

Recorded sessions

All coaching sessions will be recorded and sent to participants the following business day. Miss a session or have to leave the room? No worries! Everything will be right on your desktop within 24 hours!

Unlimited e-mail support

Got a question? Send me a private e-mail with your thoughts or concerns and I will  personally respond to your message.  I will even provide specific office hours so you can count on times that I will be available.

Option to renew

If you are loving your group as much as I know you will, you have the option to renew after 4 weeks.  

That’s right, ALL THIS for ONLY $299.00!!!

Are you as ready as I am to get this party started?? Then pick one option from the schedule below:

Spring Session Schedule

Begins May 17th through June 3rd, 2020
Time & Days TBD

If you are as excited as I am, you want to jump in right now with both feet!

Availability is first come, first served.

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