I want to confide in you today about something I realized earlier this month. You know that feeling that you have when you realize that somehow weeks or months have passed since you did a particular something that you really want to do? It could be joining a yoga studio, riding a bike, or sitting down to a home cooked meal more days every week. It could be a habit that you had cultivated and you let it slip…just missed one day and then a week and then you forgot all about it. It happens to all of us… and I’m no exception.

I love my healthy lifestyle and I am passionate about teaching, coaching and inspiring others to live the same way. Over the summer, while I was allowing myself the freedom to live without my self-imposed rules, I missed a few days of juicing, which led to a few more until mid- September when I started working on a project, immersed myself in research and realized that I had stopped altogether! I love starting my day with a shot of fresh wheat grass juice followed by a fresh veggie juice (I will explain why I love this so much another time). I know that for my body, nothing makes me feel more alive and energized. But this summer, with my house full of kids and guests, staying up late and waking up later, I never seemed to make time for my routine.

I was pretty shocked, actually. Once I realized, I went out and bought a flat of wheatgrass and some of my favorite juicing fruits and veggies. Every morning that I can I am back to juicing, It takes me about 10 minutes to make and clean up and that means that I have to build that into my morning. On the occasion that I miss that opportunity, I do it later in the day. It’s been about three weeks since I reinstated this habit and I feel so much stronger and healthier for it.

So today I am wondering what you might want to add back into your routine. Is there something that you value or enjoy doing that you have lost along the way? It may feel easy to ignore it or to think that you’ve done without for too long now. Perhaps you’re discouraged and think that you’ll just stop again if you try to start back up. I suggest that you put your reluctance aside and just go for it! All that matters is what you do now, keep moving forward, keep doing your best. Every day you get to make choices about how you want to live and to me, this is the greatest opportunity of them all!

Let’s keep each other accountable! What would you most like to do this fall for yourself?

I’d love to hear in the comments below…


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Photo Credit: Caroline White

  1. Well…..I had to cut out the dark chocolate..I just carried away. And I find that it leads to a crazing for sweets.
    I am going to try to eliminate sugar completely…
    Oops…does wine count.

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