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March 30th


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Why Fermentation?

  • Fermented foods provide probiotics that introduce healthy flora (or bacteria) into your digestive system.  These good bacteria can slow (or even reverse!) some diseases, improve bowel heath, aid digestion and improve immunity.
  • Eating fermented foods will also help you to better absorb the bioavailable nutrients in all of the food you consume, and they are inexpensive when you learn how to make them yourself!
  • Plus, fermented foods last longer than their unfermented counterparts. 

In this Master Class you will learn how to easily ferment food and drinks inexpensively in your own home.

Meet Your Host

I’m Joanne Schneider, an integrative nutrition coach and a raw food educator.  I empower men and women by teaching them how to nourish themselves for their unique body and lifestyle. 

I have personally experienced and witnessed dramatic health benefits with the inclusion of fermented foods in a balanced and healthy diet.  

In this Masterclass I will teach you the ways fermenting can help YOU (spoiler alert: in more ways than you might think!), how you can access the best quality fermenting ingredients (because quality DOES matter), how you can make fermented foods yourself, and the varied ways you can incorporate it into YOUR daily life.




Learning to ferment foods can make a significant difference in your ability to improve your health in so many ways. Probiotic-rich fermented foods can help you achieve clearer skin, reverse or slow many auto-immune diseases, help to increase weight loss, contribute to reduced bloating, as well as increase your energy and boost your immune system! 

Embrace the wonders of fermentation! Join me for Free by signing up here NOW!

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