In honor of the New Year, I resolved to do many things differently in 2015. I resolved to spend more time with my boys. I resolved to go bigger in my coaching business. I resolved to get my Raw Food Educator certification (just a few more days to go! Yay!). And I resolved to do the very best that I could to make healthy living more attainable for everyone on the planet.

Back in 2013, I had a major problem with my hip. It was degenerating rapidly before my eyes, and every step was a pain-filled nightmare. I needed an angel. Luckily, the universe heard my prayer and sent me Maria Terol. Maria is a Postural Alignment Therapist and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and she was every bit of the miracle worker my body needed. Within the month, Maria had me walking again with less pain. And when I later received surgery to fix my joint, it was Maria’s wisdom and care that allowed for such a quick recovery period.

We knew after our first meeting that we were meant to collaborate, and from there created a challenge called Happy, Healthy Habits in 15; 15 days of super simple but powerful lessons paired with can’t-ignore-them action steps and a dose of accountability thrown in to encourage long-lasting change.

How it works:

Starting on January 15th and stretching out over the next 15 days, you’ll receive a daily email from Maria and I. In these emails, we’ll be teaching you our favorite happy, healthy habits. We’ll even give you a challenge to complete. They’re totally digestible too; each one will take you less than 15 minutes to do. Don’t worry, they’re designed to be easy and sustainable. And it gets better too—for every one you finish, you’re entered to win a super duper secret and absolutely desirable prize. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive Facebook community who can boost you up as you go.

What will you teach me?:

As much as we can! We’re sharing ways to love and nurture your body, mind and spirit. You’ll be learning everything from how to incorporate more microgreens into your diet to the spa-like benefits of skin brushing, from the no-fail ways to stay hydrated to I-can’t-believe-it results that come from drinking lemon water. There are 15 lessons in total, each one designed to bring you health and happiness this year.

**Note: The challenge happened in January, 2015 and was such a success that we decided to work on a way for you to participate in Happy,Healthy Habits everyday!

Stay tuned – more to come!


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