Your body is amazing.

The way it moves. The way it breathes. The way it sleeps. The way it grows. The way it stretches. The way it hugs.

The way it dances, swims, sneezes.

And it’s still amazing…

Even if it refuses to fit into your skinny jeans.

Even if it creaks and moans like a 100-year-old house when you get out of bed.

Even when it feels sluggish or heavy. When it hurts to walk down the stairs and when it’s 1 PM and it needs a recovery nap. When it craves sugar and medication in frustratingly equal amounts.

When you feel like it’s betraying you and, yes, even when you’ve completely given up on it.

Even in those moments, your body is amazing.

Because it’s capable of healing.

There is no such thing as “too far gone” when it comes to your body. There are never too many pounds to lose or too many obstacles to overcome. There is no age at which your body is no longer capable of doing the things it was born to do—moving with ease, laughing hysterically, or feeling nourished and whole.

* * *

As a health coach, my heart sinks when I hear women say they feel like prisoners in their own bodies, that they cannot see a way they can take back the control of their lives and their health. My heart sinks because I know that’s simply not true.

I know it’s not true because I’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary. I’ve seen 65-year-old women in the best shape of their lives. I’ve seen joint pain disappear. I’ve seen miraculous, doctor-defying mending after major surgeries (that one’s my own story!).

Whatever state your body’s in right now, you are NOT doomed to stay that way forever. Ignore the number on the scale and the birthday on your drivers’ license because, honey, they don’t mean a thing—not when you’ve got the right beliefs and support system.

I believe that we are all meant to live our dreams, whether that’s as broad as becoming an artist or as simple as waking up every morning without pain and discomfort. Whatever your dream, you have a right to claim it. My dream is to help extraordinary women like you reach new heights in their health. And my passions run deep and wide like the Potomac River.

If you’ve been struggling to love and nourish your body, I want to remind you that it’s never too late to do both.

With love for you and your amazing body,


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  1. Wow! This post could not have come at a better time and boy did I need the reminder. I LOVE this post, and I will w-o-r-k on remembering to love my body this holiday, to be grateful for its wonder, indebted for my very mobility. Thanks Joanne!

  2. Magnificent presentation. You have covered all the bases for good health! Much admiration!!!!! And LOVE!

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