One year ago I woke up, quite early, struggled to walk to my bathroom and took my last antibacterial shower of the week. I got dressed and nervously left for the Anderson clinic in VA. It was the only day that Dr. William Hamilton could perform surgery on me for over 2 months, and I once I found him, I decided not to put it off one more day.

It was hard for me to make the decision to have surgery, harder still to book surgery for Sept 11th. For all the right reasons I did what I needed to do and as I look back today, I do not even have words to describe the gratitude that I have for Dr.Hamilton and his team. Their masterful work and my otherwise healthy body helped me to heal from full hip replacement surgery seemingly overnight.

All week I have marveled over the difference one year can make. I could not walk 10 feet last year with out being in excruciating pain and today a four mile hike on the billy goat trial is a piece of cake. As today marks the terrible events of 2001 and the horrific loss that as human beings we all share, I am also keenly aware of the beauty of our resilience. It’s that duality that makes us human and allows us to continue and grow.

Today I am quietly sad and eternally grateful.

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