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Thirty30 is a 5 week guided program starting on July 9th and featuring 6 plant-based meals per week. The concept is for you to swap one of your regular daily meals for a plant-based meal. This creates an ongoing habit – you’ll begin to crave plant-based food and start swapping other meals as well! This is not a diet – it’s about creating a lifetime of change for your eating habits.


Start Me Up


By eating pure, unprocessed, healthy foods, you can heal your body and your mind. I celebrate life and lifestyle changes that translate into health, happiness and positive energy in the people with whom I work. Start Me Up is my newly improved 5-week course. If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, you need a sustainable plan. I’ve got the proven system for you.


Free Challenge

Want to start the new year off making simple, easily sustainable habits that can profoundly effect your overall health and fitness? Join my FREE Kickstart 2017 challenge… small steps=big benefits! Kickstart is designed to introduce new ways of thinking and feeling. We’ll work together to create a healthier and happier new you in the new year.

Better in a Bowl

Free Challenge

Join the #betterinabowl challenge and I will send you a free, beautiful, printable guide to creating plant-based bowls that will make it super simple for you to eat more plant-based foods every day. For FIVE days, just follow the chart, play in your kitchen and express your inner creativity in a bowl! Then snap a photo of your masterpiece and post each day in our private Facebook Community (yes, you get free access to this amazing supportive group as well) or on Instagram with the #betterinabowl tag. At the end of the 5 days, one lucky winner who is the most frequent and creative poster will win a box of my favorite kitchen essential goodies!


A Tiny Taste of Raw

Free Challenge

Join us for a little taste of the raw food lifestyle in a simple 5-day challenge that anyone could do. Each day for 5 days you’ll receive one easy-peasy raw food recipe straight to your inbox so you can see for yourself what all the raw food fuss is about. And to make it even easier, you will receive a printable shopping list before the adventure starts, so that you can take it straight to the store to stock up for your new mouthwatering dishes. Plus, in true Joanne fashion, we’ll have our private Facebook community to love you up as you enjoy a taste of raw food and watch the impact it has on your body, your energy, your hair, your nails… and the list goes on!

A Tiny Taste of Raw Adventure will return soon.

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